Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movies with the kids day!

Hey hey! I weighed in this morning just to see if i had bloat weight going on from Sunday. I stepped on the scale and was back down a few pounds to 146. Yay!

Tuesdays and Thursday are free movies for the kids for the summer at our local movie theater. I took my diet Dr Pepper with me and had breakfast before we headed out. As the kids were enjoying their popcorn, i didn't have not one bite even though my 4 yr old kept offering me some. LOL. We went and saw Night at the Museum 2 and it was a great movie! Very funny :) The kids enjoyed it although Noriana was getting antsy towards the end of the movie and would not stay seated. I did fine without the popcorn or candy at the movies, but we later went to Folks since it was "kids eat free" day. I had the meatloaf with turnip greens and a plain baked potato with just a little butter. I gave the peach muffin to the kids, they don't turn those down. I really wasn't feeling a salad today so i opted for this. I need to be better prepared next time though and stay away from the sodium and hidden fat infested restaurants :X After lunch, we went home and i changed for the gym. I hadn't gone yet, so i was ready to get my cardio in and hit it hard since i had that meat loaf. I did 35 mins of cardio and some ab work too. I was sweating like crazy! I have been sweating A LOT lately and i don't know if its the diet or what, but its crazy. Get all those toxins out ;)

I have a interview tomorrow morning so i won't be able to make it to the gym in the morning, but will hit it later for weight training and possibly do a Body Jam class (MY FAVORITE!!) for extra cardio. Wish me luck! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 3 - Julie's Bikini program

Its week 3 into the bikini program from Julie Lohre. So far its been alright, but getting a little tired with the food and the amount of carbs i'm getting in. I'm going to give this plan a full 4 weeks before i switch things up and try carb cycling again. I already have looked up a carb cycling plan by Christian Thibaudeau on Figure Athlete's website and estimated my numbers. The tracking of macros will be a little aggravating at first until i kinda know what I'm supposed to eat on specific days, but hey if it was easy, everyone would be doing it right? I just know that carb cycling has worked for me in the past and has worked for many. Nothing that is worthwhile is easy in fitness for most ;) Its a grueling, self accomplishment deal with strings attached.

Anywhoo, i wasn't perfect this week on my plan since my baby girl's 4th birthday was yesterday. I allowed myself cheats and i paid for it on the weigh in this morning at 148lbs :( Earlier this week i weighed in (shouldn't have weighed myself, damn scale whore that i am at times) at 144.5lbs and i was happy. I guess i got a little too confident and air headed with that and you see what it got me into. Oh well, back to the grinding board. I did my thing at the gym this morning with sis kicking me around and vice versa. We help motivate each other you see. She almost took some pics while we were there, but some knucklehead kept lingering around us in the weight area so that was a no go. We haven't taken new pics in awhile cause we feel FAT and cause we don't want to blind you folks ;) Doing y'all a favor and stuff. hehe. Oh and the measurements weren't that different this morning. Any suggestions or words of advise are welcome if you have them :) I'm all ears. Gracias for reading chickees!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello all :)

Hi everyone, i haven't posted in quite sometime. I thought i would blog today and update those who are interested. I am still training, but my diet hasn't been the best. I sure do miss my Divas :) I just started a new nutrition and training plan by Julie Lohre 2 weeks ago and its going great. I was up to 151.5 lbs so i definitely had to put the brakes on that :/ I'm currently down to 144.5 lbs and losing inches slowly. I had my body fat tested today and its at 21.4% which i guess isn't too bad compared to the rest of the average folks ;) No pic posting (cause i'm fat as crap) till i lose some weight and look half decent again...lol. I have been going to school too in this time since i haven't blogged and i plan to get into the health care field. I have been going since last year. I really wanted to do a competition this June, but it just didn't happen for me. Maybe sometime later this year or next year. Heck i might just compete in bikini since my upper body is still lacking :( Sis wants to compete together and wants to go into figure just to try it for once. Her suit is blinged out (by me) and in my closet awaiting to be worn ;) I'm undecided about selling mine and going with something different. Anyways, not much to say...i have been busy this weekend getting Noriana's 4th birthday party together. Time flies too fast :) I will blog later!