Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movies with the kids day!

Hey hey! I weighed in this morning just to see if i had bloat weight going on from Sunday. I stepped on the scale and was back down a few pounds to 146. Yay!

Tuesdays and Thursday are free movies for the kids for the summer at our local movie theater. I took my diet Dr Pepper with me and had breakfast before we headed out. As the kids were enjoying their popcorn, i didn't have not one bite even though my 4 yr old kept offering me some. LOL. We went and saw Night at the Museum 2 and it was a great movie! Very funny :) The kids enjoyed it although Noriana was getting antsy towards the end of the movie and would not stay seated. I did fine without the popcorn or candy at the movies, but we later went to Folks since it was "kids eat free" day. I had the meatloaf with turnip greens and a plain baked potato with just a little butter. I gave the peach muffin to the kids, they don't turn those down. I really wasn't feeling a salad today so i opted for this. I need to be better prepared next time though and stay away from the sodium and hidden fat infested restaurants :X After lunch, we went home and i changed for the gym. I hadn't gone yet, so i was ready to get my cardio in and hit it hard since i had that meat loaf. I did 35 mins of cardio and some ab work too. I was sweating like crazy! I have been sweating A LOT lately and i don't know if its the diet or what, but its crazy. Get all those toxins out ;)

I have a interview tomorrow morning so i won't be able to make it to the gym in the morning, but will hit it later for weight training and possibly do a Body Jam class (MY FAVORITE!!) for extra cardio. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Way to go staying away from the candy and popcorn, girl! And glad that your bloat is gone. :) You ROCK!

  2. I'm not sure if you still read this Sandra, but I just wanted to see how you and your sister were doing...if you remember me from tracker I'm LonnieC...hope you're doing well...